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Driving onto your trailer, missing the bow stop and potentially causing damage to your boat or winch is now a thing of the past. Thanks to BIGVEE™ you can drive on knowing you can land the boat in the perfect position every time – whatever the weather.
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Made to suit new trailers or to be fitted to existing builds.
Is locked tightly in place through the steel centre that can never crush.
Has a secondary lock allowing you to rotate and set the Vee in the correct orientation to your boat bow.
Suits trailers with bow stopper spacing from 3 inch up to 4`3/4 inch (If you have a 5/8 inch bolt use the spacer rings provided to adapt to the high tensile 1/2 inch bolt ).
Made from galvanised steel with a protective polyurethane coating.It gives you boat protection from rub as you drive on and gives vibration insulation whilst traveling on roads.
Has a super wide VEE guiding ability.
Is fixed in place without possibility of the centre bolt bend even with high boat impact.
This “one size fits all” design locates in the same position as your old bow stopper.
Replaces bow stoppers with both 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch bolts. High tensile Grade 8 galvanised main bolt supplied.
The solid galvanised steel centre actually has the added benefit of strengthening the trailers 2 upright arms. This means they can withstand a higher impact from the boat if you were ever to driving on too fast.
Can Bigvee replace my old bow stop video

BIGVEE™ replaces the narrow bow stops that have been in existence for the last 80 years. Those old bow stoppers were designed to provide a soft surface for your boat to sit against once your boat is winched forward into place.

Unlike BIGVEE™ most of them offer no or very little guiding ability.

The secondary locking bolt goes through the BIGVEE™ flange and through the hole you drill in your trailers metal bow stopper support arm. Only one of the four pre-drilled holes in the flange will be used.

Choose the most suitable hole for the bolt to locate within. The hole you choose will be the one most centrally located on your trailers bow stopper metal support arm.

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